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Situated in a discreet, rural location 40 miles North of London and run by Allan Cowen, Storacar - The Hotel for Fine Automobiles - is now recognised as Britain's leading specialist in the long term storage and care of fine vehicles. From basic care through to our Active Storage Programme.

Since its inception in 1983, Storacar has been dedicated to the care and preservation of cherished vehicles and to removing the worries from classic car ownership.

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Car Storage

car storage

Recognised as Britain's leading specialist in the storage and care of classic cars and other fine vehicles. Range of storage options in our dry, secure facility in Buckinghamshire.
Motorcycle Storage

motorcycle storage

If you are short of space to store your motorbike we have an area reserved for motorcycles. We can also store your leathers and helmet.


Through an association with a leading international shipping company, Storacar can arrange for the careful transit of vehicles from and to any part of the world, as well as any location, air or sea port in the UK.

Hardtop Storage

Storacar recognised that many of its clients had difficulty in finding space to store their hardtop and so they introduced the hardtop storage service.
UK Registraion

UK Registration

If you are relocating to the UK and wish to import your vehicle, then Storacar can undertake the registration process for you, known as the single vehicle approval (SVA).
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As well as our car storage programmes Storacar offer many restoration services, including resprays, chrome renovation, engine rebuilds, re-upholstery and more.

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P.O.Box 1522
MK43 6AS

T +44(0)1234 751 487

Note: The above address is for mailing only - all visitors and transporter drivers should telephone for directions.


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