car storage
The core benefits you will receive as a client of Storacar are:

The care of a team who have a genuine passion for cars.

Your car will be in safe hands from the moment it reaches Storacar to the moment it leaves.

Access to the Active Storage Programme, pioneered by Storacar.

Storacar are facilitators so that your car always has State-of-the-Art Care. Vintage and Veteran cars, as well as Contemporary Classics including those purchased for investment purposes, all benefit from the Storacar philosophy.

With storage options from £27.62 per week, you really do receive outstanding value for money.

Car Storage
Basic Storage in dry and Secure Environment

Our Basic car storage ensures your car is stored in a safe, clean and secure environment.

Dehumidified Storage

Our Dehumidified Storage removes moisture from the air. This helps prevent dampness to bodywork, interior and mechanical components without causing dryness to leather interiors, rubber hoses and other perishables.

With dehumidified storage options from £39.12 per week, you really do receive outstanding value for money.

We offer an Active Storage Programme, pioneered by Storacar, for both our storage options.


Active Storage Programme
30 day Tyre & General Condition Check-Over
Checking and regulating your tyre pressures will increase their life. We also visually check your entire car to identify & reduce any expense that may be required in the future.
30 day Engine Run-Up to Working Temperature
We run your car to operating temperature, ensure that cooling fans are working and that all electrical components are functioning so that your car maintains its condition.
30 day Battery Condition Check & Charge
We ensure that your battery is charged up to full capacity.
Our battery conditioners continuously monitor the voltage of a car battery. Whenever the voltage drops below 11.0 volts the battery conditioner automatically re-charges the battery to full capacity. The conditioners can be left attached to the car continuously. This avoids having to dis-connect the car battery which also results in the loss of electrical memory functions such as stereo codes and memorised stations. The car is also guaranteed to have a fully charged battery at all times and the battery is left permanently connected. These can be purchased for a one off fee, and becomes the customer’s property when the cars leaves storage.
preparations for car storage

Each car is prepared for storage following the assigned steps to ensure it preserves its state throughout the storage, so that when you return it feels like New.

Vehicle Check Sheet (VCS) – Car Photographed prior to Wash & Polish - Protective Seat Covering and Floor Mats provided - All Car Keys are tagged – Interior Valet Tyre Pressure increased - Engine Fluids inspected & refilled if necessary - Battery Health checked.